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Thanks for joining this campaign! I'm excited for this campaign and have wanted to do this for a while. I am new to GM'ing, so I am open to any advice and suggestions you can provide.

I am looking at focusing on the story and fun factor of the game. Shadowrun has a pretty crunchy rule system, so I am going to try to simplify them when I can. There is also talk of a simplified rule system called Shadowrun: Anarchy coming out soon, so we may potentially use that at a later time.


I'd recommend getting familiar with the history and setting of Shadowrun. You can get familiar with the basic setting of the game  here. We will be running in Detroit in 2075. During this time, Detroit has become one of the safest cities in the UCAS. This is in no small part to being the home to Knight Errant, a private police force and a division of Ares Macrotechnology. Since Ares pretty much runs Detroit, there is a good chance most of your runs will involve them somehow. 

Much of Detroit is very much the same as it is now, such as Greektown, Downtown, Midtown, etc. Since the formation of UCAS, Windsor is now officially a part of Detroit. However, there have also been some major changes. Auburn Hills has become an economically devastated area after the failure of Chrysler now called the "Auburn Blight." Knight Errant has issued a "Containment" policy for the Auburn Blight. Instead of fighting crime in the city, they focus more on keeping crime from leaking out into the surrounding areas.

Character Creation

Shadowrun character creation can be pretty hairy. Go through the guide on pg. 62 of the Core Rulebook to see the process. To make it easier I would recommend using Hero Lab if you have it.  There is also Chummer and Omae, which are both free. Of course there is nothing wrong with attacking it head-on and generating one manually. Here is what I would recommend you keep in mind while creating characters.

  • Consider vehicle options. Not absolutely needed, but can be very helpful.
  • Contacts are important! They get you information, and information is good.
  • Guns are great, but remember ammo!
  • Mixing technology and magic is a tough balance. It's probably best to focus on one or the other if those are the routes you want to go.

Of course, please feel free to ask me for any help.


  • A good amount of d6. At least 10, but more is better.
  • Shadowrun 5 core rulebook. If you are low on cash and need a PDF let me know.
  • Patience for a new GM
  • An understanding that we have a crazy baby who will sometimes need our attention. Prepare for interruptions.

Optional but helpful

  • Hero Lab. This is great for building your character, tracking items, upgrades, etc.
  • Any of the companion books. There are books that focus on specific things, Run & Gun is for combat, Street Grimoire is for Magic, etc. Just let me know which ones you want to use if you do choose to use them.

Home Page

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